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Transition Tips

Sometimes, we find ourselves in the midst of a transition, not realising that we had been building up to this point for a while. Transitions that are known and can be planned for, are also not often that easy to navigate as 'overthinking' can create anxiety and worry.

Top 5 Tips for Transition

  1. Recognise the process

  2. Create easy to follow rituals to keep you grounded

  3. Surround yourself with people that support your transition

  4. Let go of old habits to make room for the new ones that you will need

  5. Be kind to yourself

  • When you're realise that the struggle you are feeling is all part of a transition to a new place of feeling or being, then you can relax.

  • When you're feeling anxiety or constant worry, you will want to ensure this doesn't become habit forming. Set up some easy rituals to help yourself stay grounded. The colour red is good for this - so wear red undies or socks as this supports your base chakra related to safety and security. Some people like crystals, so find something small enough you can wear in a pocket, or a piece of jewellery and allow the weight of the stone to provide a reminder of connecting in with your breath and what is around you.

  • Not everyone around you will want you to change. And fundamentally this is what transitions of all sizes, is constantly doing, it is changing us. Some well meaning and caring people will want to help you, but they may also be unsure about what your changes will mean for them and in different ways, unconsciously or otherwise, may hold you back.

  • 21 days for a new habit to form AND 90 days for it to become part of your life. Get yourself Habit tracker App and customise the aspects that you can then visually see and check in with. Some of these focus areas might be:

    • go to bed earlier a few nights a week

    • a little less screen time (although in the very early stages of grief, this can be a distraction to time)

    • trying new food

    • reaching out to friends you haven't in a while

    • trying a new style of coffee or tea - or making each of them the 'slow' way

  • We all talk about being kind to ourselves, but what does it really mean? In my view, cutting yourself some mental slack for all the tasks and goals you set yourself each day, but don't get to. It's ok to give your mind some time off.

There's a lot more to each of these, but I know when I read something I usually want the quick answers first to see if I'll read a bit more.

Wherever you are at in your transition journey, I wish you all the best.

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