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Image by Cameron Venti

Claire, 28, Victoria

"I found my sessions honest, constructive, insightful, energetic, positive, sensitive, reflective, thought-provoking, and uplifiting. I really loved the tea and the warm atmosphere of the front room. Felt very comfortable there. Also liked Amanda's calm, casual yet professional approach. Amanda has a lovely presence that is nonjudgmental, approachable and nurturing which makes it very easy to open up and get to the bottom of issues.
I have the capacity (and owe it to myself) to be confident. It really is the crux of being able to deal with current work scenarios and changing my work behaviours. Amanda has given me really practical, easy to execute tips on physical portrayals of confidence. I have also come away with tips to build my confidence mentally. I realised my confidence needs the right ingredients and care to really grow and sustain me.
Without a doubt I would recommend Blaze Coaching, and not just for 'corporate coaching'. Our second session took a more personal route which showed that Amanda is just as effective with personal coaching so anyone struggling with a particular obstacle or block in personal or work life would benefit from the coaching. I just really want to express my thanks to Amanda for her help and I won't hesitate to make contact if i'm struggling or in need of some advice in the future!"

Matt, 40, Regional Victoria

 "Life coaching sessions with Amanda were creative and thought provoking, at times fun and at other times challenging. Amanda’s warm, encouraging, understanding and refreshing nature supported me to realise and celebrate personal strengths and achievements while assisting me to develop in areas both professionally and personally.

As a coach, Amanda was right there with me, enthusiastic and concerned about the areas of my life that I was interested in exploring. Amanda and I developed a partnership central to my development and one that I would recommend to anyone dealing with change, searching for direction or seeking personal development.

I am very grateful to Amanda for the ongoing support and direction she has given me."

Angela, 52, Victoria

 "For myself, the Life Coaching aspects were great - Grief & Gratefulness. New movement helped me too. I can see that it helps to be open minded to how the mind can work in a positive way. With movement, I can change my mindset for the better and help myself in everyday life.

At the start I felt a little unsure if I fitted in, exercise wise, I was less confident within myself. But now I feel I have the power to make new decisions and I know I CAN change my inner thoughts differently and feel confident and happier within myself.

I learned that through the Story Telling techniques I can reverse the way I explain myself about losing my mother. I can create memories in a positive way to help me cope better.

Blaze Coaching is positive and gives me different ways on how to cope better with my grief. Thank you Amanda."

Grant, 47, Regional Victoria

“I was prepared to be challenged and make some decisions about where to take my relationship issue and Amanda took me right there! She displayed much compassion and empathy and genuine concern and guided and encouraged me towards achievable outcomes. The power and importance of open communication was a key factor here and Amanda provided valuable feedback and support which assisted me to develop new strategies.”

Andrina, 41, Regional Victoria

"Within the first 5 minutes I knew Amanda was the right life coach for me. I felt respected, safe & heard from the very beginning.

Even though the content & direction of the sessions varied hugely, Amanda was able to confidently guide me through whatever terrain we were travelling to a brilliant “Aha” moment at the end that just blew me away. Usually this moment was followed by lots of laughter too...Amanda has a great sense of humour!

Having the sessions by phone on a regular basis meant that living in rural Australia wasn’t an issue, and we could “meet” when it was mutually convenient. The time between sessions was always perfect too – just enough time to digest & integrate whatever we had worked on last time, and ready to tackle the next thing.
The clarity & direction that I have now as a result of our sessions is just amazing - My attitude towards life is “Bring it on” now....a far cry from my pre-Amanda days."

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