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Exploring unconventional paths for coping with grief: 20 strategies

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Exploring Alternative Paths for Coping with Grief: 20 Unconventional Strategies

When traditional outlets like friends, relatives, or grief counsellors didn't align with my experience, I sought unconventional avenues to cope with my grief. From sudden deaths to living losses and the passing of close loved ones, here are 20 strategies I found invaluable:

What did I do? Here's a list of 20 things, although there are many, many more!

  1. Meditation and Mindfulness: Attended meditation nights at the McCulloch House for Grief & Bereavement, discovering new breathing techniques to move forward.

  2. Spiritual comfort: Found solace through tarot readings and clairvoyant consultations.

  3. Journaling and gratitude: Tried journaling and cultivated a gratitude practice for emotional healing.

  4. Celebrate milestones: Discovered positive ways to celebrate challenging milestones and anniversaries.

  5. Solitude and self-reflection: Processed grief privately, shaping my own narrative for the future.

  6. Balancing work and rest: Focused on work while switching off during the day to manage emotions.

  7. Expressive movement: Used dance as an outlet for anger and emotional release.

  8. Navigating alcohol: Coped through periods of excessive drinking and abstinence.

  9. Nature as sanctuary: Found solace in nature, especially the sea, as a form of spiritual connection.

  10. Colour therapy: Explored colour therapy for a positive emotional boost.

  11. Counselling exploration: Tried traditional counselling with limited success.

  12. Empowering coaching: Embarked on five coaching sessions that propelled me in new directions.

  13. Navigating relationships: Embraced new friendships while leaving others behind.

  14. Financial reflection: Acknowledged overspending on non-essentials as part of the coping process.

  15. Solo travel: Travelled the world alone, seeking personal growth and self-discovery.

  16. Learning from mistakes: Embraced mistakes as valuable lessons about life and self.

  17. Mind Mapping for Clarity: Devised a mind map to process sadness and complex situations.

  18. Animal therapy: Utilized animal therapy as a tool to support others.

  19. Embracing joy: Allowed myself to laugh without guilt, assisting my emotional healing.

  20. Seeking knowledge: Delved into extensive reading to understand grief's nuances and share insights with others.

I read so many books (podcasts and websites weren't prolific or that accessible back in 2007!), and really wanted to unravel what mourning and grieving meant for me. I used my learnings to help others, uncovering my life purpose along the way.

If you find yourself struggling in your grief journey, remember that there are alternative paths to healing and growth. Reach out for support, and know that even in the darkest times, hope is never truly lost.

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